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Bus Routes

Bristol Bus Routes & Approximate Pick Up Times 
B1 AM Pick Up  
7:21-7:25 Briggs Hill, Atkins Rd., Lincoln Rd. 
7:28-7:30 Rt. 116 North to right on Meehan Rd. 
7:35-7:42 Upper Meehan Rd. 7:45 Rt. 116 South 7:50 Rt. 116 & LaRose Lane 
7:56-7:58 Bristol Elementary School 
8:02-8:05 Mt. Abe 

B2 AM Pick Up 
7:35   Choinere Road first pick up
7:45   Turn around at Livingston Farm 
7:53   Turn around at Monkton Road 
8:05   Mt. Abe 

B4 AM Pick Up 
7:26 Route 116 & Carlstrom Road - Don't pick up 
7:30 Route to Lower Notch Road - Don't pick up 
7:27-7:32 Lower Notch Road 
7:36 Route 116 to Middlebury Line - Pick ups 
7:42 Cove Road - Pick ups 
7:45 River Road - Pick ups 
7:54-7:56 Burpee Road to Hazel Drive 
7:57-8:01 Bristol Elementary School 
8:02-8:05 Mt. Abe 

B5 AM Pick Up 
7:16 South Street then Hewitt Road, turn around at Pump House Road 
7:20-7:30 Route 116 South to Carlstrom Road 
7:31-7:40 Carlstrom Road to Notch Road 
7:41-7:46 Notch to Lovers Lane to right on Route 17 turn around at church between two bridges 
7:47-7:56 Rocky Dale Road from Blaise Trailer Park to Lors Prayer Rock 
7:58 Bristol Elementary School 
8:02-8:05 Mt. Abe 

B6 AM Pick Up 
7:30 Upper Notch Road to Duclos Road 
7:31-7:46 Upper Notch Road to Notch Road to Hewitt Road 
7:47-7:58 Route 116 from Hewitt Road to a right on Plank road to Monkton Road ends at intersection on Monkton and Plank after pick up at apts. 
7:59 Bristol Elementary School 
8:02-8:05 Mt. Abe 

NOTE:  With route changes this year please be out 5 minutes before your pick up time the  first week of school to insure no one is missed.