SES Notification Letter

                                                                                                                                                     September, 2012

Dear Bristol Elementary School Families, 

Bristol Elementary School did not achieve Adequate Yearly Progress in mathematics or literacy as measured by the state NECAP assessment.  While the majority of our students are showing improvement in their understanding of concepts and skills on many other assessment measures, the NECAP scores are also an important indicator that we take seriously. As a result of this status, the school is required to provide Supplemental Education Services (extra academic assistance/tutoring outside of the school day) free of charge to students who qualify in an effort to improve academic performance.  If you are eligible and choose to participate, you will be able to research and select a program that best fits your child’s needs.  This letter will explain the services, tell you how to access them and also offers information about other programs here at BES.

You get to choose:  One of the most important features of Supplemental Education Services is that families are the ones who will make choices for their children.  You can choose among different types of services, given by providers at various locations. 

Service Providers:  The Vermont Department of Education has approved a list of eligible providers. You can access the website that is listed below to view the services they offer and their qualifications.  You cannot use a provider who is not on this list. 

Limited services available:  Only a limited number of spaces are available.  As a result, we may not be able to enroll every child who applies.

Priority for lower-achieving students:  In compliance with federal law, we will give first priority to the students who have the highest academic need.   

Eligibility:  Per the law, only children who are eligible for free and reduced-priced federal meals can participate.  An application to participate in the program is available on the ANESU Food Service Cooperative website: or in the main office at the school.  If you have not previously applied for free and reduced-price federal meals program or if your financial situation has changed, please return the Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application along with the application for Supplemental Educational Services to the BES main office.

Application deadline:  If you decide you want to enroll your child in the Supplemental Educational Services program, you must submit the application to Bristol Elementary School by October 8th, 2010.  If we do not receive this form from you by then, your child may not be able to participate.

Notice date:  We will let you know by November 1 if we have approved your application to have your child participate in the Supplemental Education Services program.  At that time you will be asked to contact the program of your choice.  Further details about this process will be provided in the eligibility mailing.  Programs will not begin until after this time.

Questions:  If you have questions about the Supplemental Educational Services program or would like guidance about providers, please contact Catrina DiNapoli, or 453-3227 X213.

How you can get involved in the school:  We need your involvement to continue improvements for Bristol students.  Families as learning partners are critical to a child’s success.  We ask you to be involved with your child’s program by attending parent conferences, participating in PTO events, joining in extra-curricular activities and volunteering as opportunities arise.  Please talk to your child’s teacher to learn more about these opportunities. 

What we’re doing to improve outcomes at Bristol Elementary School:  The school has implemented a number of changes to address the learning needs of all students in Bristol. 

  • All K-6 students are closely monitored in the areas of math and literacy using standardized assessments and are provided with tiered interventions based on progress.
  • Ongoing embedded professional development for teachers around the use of data and responding through our instructional practice is a priority for us this year.
  • Our very own after-school academic tutoring program will start up again October 15th.  Our 21ST CENTURY LEARNING GRANT offers an amazing array of opportunities for students to receive math and literacy support RIGHT AT BES with transportation provided!  This program is FREE OF CHARGE! Watch for more information in the monthly newsletter and on the school website for how to become involved!